By Linda Shapley

Denver Post

While the entire Denver Post staff put in a Herculean effort to cover the floods, the Denver Post photo staff demonstrated resilience and tenacity to show readers the huge amount of devastation that hit the state. Photographers hiked, biked and waded to capture the images.

Photographer Helen H. Richardson and videographer Mahala Gaylord used mountain bikes to reach Jamestown, which had been cut off by floodwaters for five days. Richardson, a resident of a mountain town herself, made it her mission to get in by whatever means necessary to reach towns that were cut off by floodwaters.

Photographer RJ Sangosti wore hip-waders for many days — even as his own home was threatened by floodwaters — documenting the damage in Boulder and Weld County.

Editors put lives on hold so they could continue to update photo galleries and make constant requests to the National Guard to get onto helicopters. That persistence paid off with coverage of a dramatic air rescue.

This map shows all the places where Post photographers went during the floods. That 14 photographers and videographers and 9 editors did all of this work shows how the team can come together.