By Laura Amato

The Record

Laura Amato

I think a good part of my “personality” as a reporter comes from the relationship I have with my audience. I’m not that much older than the kids that I’m covering and that seems to make them more receptive to my questions and story ideas. In fact, when I was working on our high school football tab, being able to communicate with the kids who are actually playing the sport was a huge benefit to trying to make sure everything came together.

It’s my belief at that what I’m writing – about high school sports – should be aimed for the kids playing high school sports. That’s why it’s so important to me that I use social media to make sure that the kids feel involved and, then in turn, want to read what I’m writing about. For the past three years, it’s worked and it worked when I was working on our high school football tab. Athletes were more than willing to go on camera and help promo the tab, give me quotes and help me set up interviews by providing practice times over Twitter.

Honestly, that’s what has made my job so rewarding over the past three years. These kids are interested in reading the stories and hoping for coverage. As a journalist, it’s fantastic to see, especially at a high school level. These aren’t professional athletes. These are high school kids who are only playing for the sake of playing and it’s fantastic to be able to highlight their accomplishments.